Medical Billing and Coding Job Outlook

Jobs in the sector of health technology are increasing manifold in the next 10 years. This trend is suggested by the requirement of new health insurance policies that are targeting the health requirements of different age groups, individual lifestyle and work environment. The medical billing and coding jobs have become more necessary because of the requirement to correctly track the medical and insurance history. This is not only important to the insurance company but also to the healthcare industry. Many insured are becoming increasingly oriented to go for regular follow ups and yearly diagnosis making it easy to identify a disease at early stage while many others are opting for good quality of medical surgeries in alternative only because of good insurance and medical infrastructure in place.

What Make the Medical Billing and Coding Jobs so Appealing?

Job Statistics:

There is bright job outlook for medical billing and coding jobs in the employment sector. According to the U.S. Department of Labor survey, the medical billing and coding jobs in 2010 were around 179,500 which will increase to 21% by 2020. This means a total of around 216,500 billing and coding jobs will be present in the healthcare sector.

Ease of Starting Course:

Medical billing and coding courses and certification courses are accredited by AAPC and are even available via Internet are easy to follow and pass through. To become a medical biller and coder, one requires a simple diploma and a certified course, preferably from AAPC. The medical billing and coding jobs are also further projected to specialized areas such as cardiology (CCC™), dermatology (CPCD™), family practice (CFPC™).

Medical Billing and Coding Job Outlook

Medical Billing and Coding Job Outlook

Requirement of Medical Billers and Coders:

Medical billing and coding is an integral part of the healthcare industry. Many preliminary to complex and lifetime medical services are covered under various insurance policies. The healthcare facilities which choose to comply or provide independent medical services in collaboration with insurance companies require the billing and coding services extensively.


The certified billers and coders are efficient in maintaining long medical history and insurance records with use of standard CPT®, HCPCS Level II procedure and supply codes and ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes. These codes are universally applied to understand the medical treatment of the patient and then further examined for the claims by the insurer.

High salary packages

, flexible working hours, and modern working environment with latest technology and handy legal rules and regulations to follow, the job outlook for medical billing and coding is becoming attractive day by day.

Use of Technology:

During various stages of billing and coding process, quality medical management software is provided to the medical insurance specialist. This reduces the job stress by enabling the provision to enter the data electronically and even edit any record with few keystrokes. In absence of this, it is unimaginable to go through the list of various claims and track the particular claim and assess its validity in time and with accuracy.

In order to build a lucrative career, the medical billers and coders are advised to have job experience by working in clinics or local physician’s office.

Medical Billing and Coding Jobs are in Demand
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Medical Billing and Coding Jobs are in Demand
medical billing and coding jobs have immediate effect on the business aspects of healthcare. As the industry expands, the job outlook is becoming attractive day by day.
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